PRINCE ARTICLE: Why the silence on MJ's death?


Salutations to the Soulculture Blog faithful.

Please believe me when I say I am not fishing for dirt but am I the only one slightly puzzled about Prince’s silence regarding Michael Jackson’s passing? I don’t care for every Tom, Dick and Harriet celebrity viewpoint but there are some who I believe have ‘earned’ the right – if there is such a thing – to make comment. As MJ’s most formidable contemporary – some say rival- from the 1980s, it baffles me that the diminutive man in purple has kept schtum.

Anyway found an excellent article relating to the matter…

A very well written piece on the overlapping career paths of Prince and MJ and possible reasons for the former’s silence on the latter’s death. The comments are well worth a read too since there are not very many.

Long before MJ died members of my family and I have had our own theory on Prince’s attitude towards the King of Pop. There were also rumours of the flimsy reasons behind Mr Roger-Nelson’s refusal to collaborate on the ‘Bad’ single. All this remains conjecture but if my suspicions are correct, if Prince can’t say anything pleasant and sincere…probably best he says nothing at all.

Shalom, Tolita x

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