Preview Zodiac’s hypnotic self-titled EP | New Music

Jeremy “Zodiac” Rose’s self-titled EP serves as an extremely impressive debut, and possibly a blueprint for future contemporary music. That’s a rather bold statement considering that this is his first official release, however the EP itself is unusually refined and unique in it’s composition.

Responsible for producing several tracks on The Weeknd’s House of Balloons [“What You Need”, “Loft Music”, “The Party & The After-Party”], Zodiac‘s debut features another great artist Jesse Boykins III on “Come,” a downtempo track with dream-like reverb that serves as the stand-out of the EP. However, each track has it’s own unique quality; take for example “Loss Config,” a highly visceral interlude track that’s equally unsettling as it is mysterious.

Needless to say, Zodiac has been hard at work this past year in order to present us with something truly enjoyable. Tastefully crafted from the comfort of his sunroom, the young producer cites his surroundings as his inspiration, often incorporating nature sounds to add some sonic realism to his work as he EP drags the listener into his world, both dark and hypnotic – a result of thick, atmospherical textures and moods.

Out now, with a physical due October 8th, Canadian label offers a preview of what we can expect from the project below.



1. Girlgirlgirl
2. Come ft. Jesse Boykins III
3. So Soon We Change
4. Loss Config.
5. 138