Preview: Uncle Shecky x Green Tea Present… The Crazy 8s (Dosage II: The Remixes)

Washington DC based singer Green Tea originally released her second independent album, Dosage II: Choices, back in 2008, but teams up with Uncle Shecky aka DJ Applejac on this Crazy 8s EP to give it the remix treatment as she works on her forthcoming album, B. E. (Bare Essentials).

“After hearing DJ Applejac do one remix I challenged him to do seven more… because the first one was just that dope! It was an honor to work with a DJ who truly understands the craft of remixes,” Green Tea comments.

“A lot of DJs just throw vocals over the beat… not him! He brought a new heartbeat to the songs.”

The full project will be up on Green Tea’s Bandcamp tomorrow – in the meantime dig into the Crazy 8s sampler below…

<a href="">Uncle Shecky &amp; Green Tea Present&#8230;The Crazy 8s by Green Tea</a>