For our second #MusicMonday SClusive we have this slice of newness from SoulCulture regular, the Bristol hailing singing, songwriting and rapping talent, Tanya Lacey.

We’ve been keeping a close eye on the beautiful artist since we highlighted her one to Takeoff last year, and as we draw closer to the release of her debut EP Head Chef which has spawned the Kano featuring “Greatness” and “Too Many Cooks“, we are proud to premiere another track from the project titled “No Glue” produced by the incredible Mikey J.

Speaking to us about the meaning of the song, Tanya says “It’s about, what happens when you have tried your best to salvage a relationship over and over again, that keeps showing cracks and you have reached the point where you realise that the relationship is not going to work because the problems, ‘the cracks’ are too big and deep and they keep occurring which will eventually end in a massive break.”

“You try your best to fix a relationship that keeps breaking down, you try everything to stop it cracking or fixing those recurring problems, but eventually you have to realise that its broken and not meant to be.”

Drawing on her own experience as fuel for the song she broke down how the song took shape; “I had been in that situation before in a relationship, I went to Mikey J (the producer) with the concept of ‘No Glue’ and wanted to do the song as a way to explain how I felt at that time, Mikey loved the concept and thought it was very relatable, so we began to work on it and 2 hours later the song was written.”

Listen To: Tanya Lacey – “No Glue”

Check out snippets from the Head Chef EP below.

Head Chef will be released on October 22nd. Pre-order HERE

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