PJ Morton embarks on a new chapter in L.A. [Video]

Young Money Records’ latest addition, “soulful pop” singer PJ Morton has a pretty interesting backstory. A a member of group Maroon 5, he has written and produced for artists like India Arie [“Interested”] and also worked on the soundtrack for Vince Vaughn‘s movie, Couples Retreat, leading up to a new solo deal with Young Money and a new EP, Following My First Mind, which was released in March.  

Not his first release by any means, but his first release on Young Money and his introduction to many, the project is said to be a very personal triumph for the musician. “The title has become my personal mantra. It reminds me and every other creative soul to listen to that first instinct that comes from within,” Morton says. “That’s where your gift lies. Don’t second guess it. It’s important to follow that voice.”

Following the release of the project, Jack Wallias captures the New Orleans native exploring his new home of LA as well as his reasoning behind moving to the area.  Watch below.

DOWNLOAD: PJ Morton – Following My First Mind