PHOTOBLOG: Gil Scott-Heron Live at Royal Festival Hall (London, April 24)

Back in 1971, the  revered poet, musician and ‘Godfather of Rap’ released the acclaimed The Revolution Will Not Be Televised. In the grand scheme of things, our modern times have somewhat proven Gil Scott-Heron wrong, what with nearly every news event ‘streamed’ and all. I doubt we should hold that against him, though.

That said, heckling was alive, well and loudly vocalised during the start of his gig at the Royal Festival hall as demonstrated literally by a bunch of pro-Palestinian groupies.  I don’t even know what the politics of it was all about, but something about Mr. Scott-Heron and a planned gig in Israel?  Now, I’m all for protests and such, but come on!

Why with the hating yesterday night? You’d think he was a politician involved in some war crime or he was the dude who caused the eruption of Iceland’s Eyjafjallajokull (yeah, I’m sober & I can’t pronounce that name!) volcano. There was already a protest outside the venue asking people to boycott the evening’s performance. But you guys just had to come in and make a scene, thus disturbing it for others.  I’m guessing your tactics worked, because after I’d left I found out that Gil-Scott Heron has now cancelled his trip to Israel.

As for taking pictures, let’s say it was… challenging.  Not only did we have the smoke machine bellowing out it’s on version of volcanic ash, Mr Gil Scott was wearing his cap so you could barely make his eyes in the dark. But I can assure you, despite the silhouette, it’s him:

Warm up act was New Zealand poet MC Karoline Tamati aka Ladi6 with her crew:


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