Pharrell introduces ‘i am OTHER’ [Video]

After releasing the promotional trailer for his new music and cultural venture i am OTHER last week, which probably left you both amazed and totally confused at the same time, Pharrell sits down in front of the camera to, um, explain the concept. Of course, in the mess of ambiguity and charm, there really wasn’t much “explaining” done, but stressing the importance of being unique, different and, ultimately, true to oneself, we kinda get where you’re coming from, P.

After a little digging, we can tell you i am OTHER is primarily a record label established to nurture artists outside of the mainstream, with Leah LaBelle, Maxine Ashley, Alyssa Bernal and rapper, Buddy, currently residing on the roster. The brand may recommend a couple of cool products and experiences from time to time, but all should become clear (or maybe just a little less mind-boggling) soon.

For now, stay tuned to

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