Paije Richardson – “Just Like Yesterday” | New Music

Having spent the last year working on his upcoming soul-inspired debut LP following a flash in the spotlight as a contestant on X Factor, “Just Like Yesterday” is the debut single of London singer Paije Richardson.

“The management of the show steer you through a certain path and try and make money out of you, and for you,” Paije reflects on the UK talent show. “And that’s fine. That’s what it’s about. At one point there was talk of moving me more towards theatre, but when you view music as an art-form and want to build something lasting it is hard to let go of control so completely like that.”

Free of his X Factor contracts, Paije’s debut album is to be released by PledgeMusic with part of the proceeds going to War Child International. With Jim and Rob Homes handling production the LP is a selection of original compositions and cover versions, was inspired by early R&B and Northern Soul.

“I sat down and went through hundreds of amazing old R&B songs,” he says. “There so much great old rarely heard music from the ’50s that I wanted to re-visit. Some I had heard before, others I hadn’t. Those that hit me on a certain level or had the right vibe I listened to again and again until I knew which ones I wanted to interpret.”

Take a listen to his debut single “Just Like Yesterday” below.