Pac Div f/ Chip Gnarly & Big Sik – “Sneakerboxes” | New Music

West coast trio Pac Div remains an independent group, but they’re not afraid to floss a little bit on this previously unreleased cut premiered by Billboard titled “Sneakerboxes,” which also features Chip Gnarly and Big Sik.

BeYoung, Like, and Mibbs confidently assert their financial well-being, citing sneakerboxes as one of the primary physical indicators of their affluence.

Mibbs elaborates on the track’s purpose, noting that “the inspiration behind sneakerboxes is really to send a message to the nosy people [and] fans who wonder how much money we make. The phrase in the hook is clear as day: “I get paid, homey I get paid, fuck what y’all talkin ’bout, fuck is yall talkin ’bout!? We’ve always been heavy on our sneaker game, whether we’re trying or not, so by us having all those sneaker boxes handy, might as well use those for cash storage!”

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The trio’s sophomore album, GMB, released on November 27th and is available on iTunes.