P△UL!SM (The PSM) – The Power Of Your Subconscious Mind s01e01 [Mixtape] | Free DL

SoulCulture La Familia member/Gorillaz Sound System drummer extraordinaire Pauli Stanley-Mckenzie better known as The PSM aka P△UL!SM delivers the first installment of his 22minute22second mix series. I’m going to hand the mic (keyboard) over to The PSM to break down the project in his own words…
“Featuring the voice of Dr. Wayne Dyer, this is the first installment of my 22minute22second mixes.
“The Power of your Subconscious Mind” is a play on my initials The PSM (Pauli Stanley-McKenzie) and is available for free download to challenge the minds of our generation.

“Words make you think a thought, Music makes you feel a feeling” I like to think these mixes will make you feel your thoughts.” – P△UL!SM

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