Oprah Winfrey’s interview with Barbara Walters: Parts 1-5 | Videos

Recently one of my top five Role Models (other than my mother), Oprah Winfrey, sat down for an in-depth and candid interview with Barbara Walters, that was broadcast in the US on Thursday gone.

“You can’t call in sick. You can’t ever give less than 100%, and if you are sick, which I have been a couple of times, that’s when you gotta pull up to 110/120 because people have come from all over the country and this is their moment. That is why they are there… to see you. So I feel a sense of responsibility, a sense of obligation, a sense of respect, reverence, honor for those people. But it’s exhausting.” –Oprah

Whether you’re at work (lunchtime of course), at home or other… please take the time out to watch this, you won’t regret it. Be Inspired!

Part One

Part Two

Part Three

Part Four

Part Five

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