Simon Cowell was episode 4’s subject of the OWN network original series Oprah Presents Master Class .
The infamous record label executive/Reality TV singing competition mogul turns his critical eye on his own life and shares what rejection, failure and, finally, great success have taught him.

Trust Your Instincts

“I’m not a master of anything. I think what I’m good at is making shows or records which a lot of people will like for the same reasons I like them. Mainly, I trust my instincts because I have very broad tastes. I genuinely believe that if I like something, other people are going to like it as well.”

Be Patient, Have Fun

“You learn it as you go along. You don’t get smart at 17. You just don’t unless, you know, you’re one in a billion. It just isn’t going to happen that way. It will normally happen over time. And it’s the getting there which has been the most fun. You’ve got to be patient and enjoy, as I said before, the process of getting there. Because I promise you, it’s a lot more fun than being there.”

Your Ego Will Take You Out

“I would say the biggest failures I’ve had were at a time when I believed my own hype.”

Props: Y&Y