One Room – “I Want You” | Music Video

No one quite knew who they were when they first released the “I Want You” musical enigma onto the web, but duo One Room‘s secret identity has been ousted out after releasing their chillingly seductive cold rap melody.

Thanks to earmilk and their (unconfirmed) sources, One Room is apparently a side project from Ben Ruttner and James Patterson, better known as electronic music duo The Knocks, labelled by A&M/Octane Records in New York City.

The only trace I could find of the duo was on their soundcloud account.  They left a little paragraph of what One Room is: “One Room was born in the Lower East Side. Everyone knows him but no one ever sees him. People say he grew up listening to static on his radio and eating mix tapes. When he was 10 he taught himself to play piano. They say he speaks every language and never sleeps. They say the music was inspired by cold winters and hot summers. They say it took him 20 years to make this music. They say it doesn’t sound like anything else. They say it was made in One Room.”

As of yet, the only current info is their twitter: @0neroom.

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