Omarion addresses fake press release: “People have to start doing their research” [Audio]

R&B entertainer Omarion called up Funkmaster Flex this morning to speak on a fake press release regarding his sexuality, which hit the internet yesterday supposedly via PR Sharron Wright and became ‘news’ on several major blogs and spread rapidly across social networking sites.

“I pride myself in being an honest, God Fearing, respectful man. I have kept my personal life private and wanted to keep it that way. Unfortunately, other’s are interested in profiting from my anguish; so before they can do that, i will clarify things. I am not at all what certain ex-band members are trying to paint me as, I am however a respectable, mature, proud, bisexual man,” declared the false press release.

With no verified sources, many blogs ran the story as news, and Omarion became the centre of attention as trending topic on twitter. Although his official publicist, Francoise Blachette of The Purple Agency, released a statement refuting the press release, Omarion also spoke to Flex in order to clear up the rumour.

“First and foremost, that source is not a source,” clarifies the singer, who woke up in Japan to the rumours. “I did not release that statement. Whatever people like is their business but I’m not gay or bisexual, I love women – and that’s just what it is.”

Calling the falsified press release ‘outrageous’ Omarion says, “I know Twitter’s fun and we all have our moments and we joke around, but I’m looking at this as people have to start doing their research a little bit more – especially with celebrities and superstars. You can’t just believe everything that you hear.”

He adds, “It’s eight in the morning over here and to have to address that in the aspect that I had to address it… I thought it was just wild, it was crazy… That’s just outrageous.”

Omarion’s interview with FunkmasterFlex:

This whole situation received a serious side-eye from me. It’s a shame how easy it is for a rumour to gather steam on the internet; firstly, the shoddy, unedited press release should have thrown up red flags, and if it didn’t, a simple Google search would have revealed that neither the ‘source’ or the PR person exist.