Old But New: Myleka ft. Kanye West – “Candy”


Not something we get everyday. An unreleased track featuring a never-before-heard Kanye West verse from way, way back into his career. Before Kanye was arguably one of the best rappers in the world, his main way of stacking bills was through producing and selling beats. This one ended up going on to Trina and Ludacris – remember “B R Right”? But before then, Myleka laid down some saucy, proactive lyrics over it, landed herself a famous Kanye intro and verse, and came out with what actually sounds like a decent track, “Candy.”

Have a listen to Kanye spit “bust out the whip-cream, let’s have a real freaky food fight” [and to the rest of the track] below and make up your own mind about it.

[via Complex]