OFWGKTA x Tyrell (Tyler, the Creator) x Tim Westwood Interview [Video]

As laughed throughout the course of this interview I kept thinking to myself “when I go to start writing this up for Soulculture, how am I gonna start the post?”.
Anyways, whilst over here in the UK on their European tour, Tim Westwood caught up with a few members of OFWGKTA at The Electric Ballroom in London, just before their gig [a gig I unfortunately missed].

However, seemingly frustrated with Westwood’s style of interviewing, OFWGKTA front man Tyler, the Creator decided to change things up by taking on the role as the interviewer.

As the interviewer Tyler… errrr I mean Tyrell introduces and interviews other members of the California based crew, beginning with Hodgy Beats (one half of duo MellowHype), Domo Genesis and Mike G. Tyrell capped off the interview by “interviewing” the man himself, Tim Westwood.

“ya know wha I’m saying?”