Oddisee – “Slow It Down” | New Music


Indie label, Mello Music Group, is essentially one of the labels helping to keep real hip-hop alive with artists on the label like: Apollo Brown, yU, DTMD, and producer/emcee Oddisee.  

Oddisee is on the brink of releasing his upcoming solo album, People See What They Hear, in the next few months, but prior to the release, Oddisee releases a new track, “Slow It Down,” via Mello Music Group‘s new compilation Self Sacrifice.

If you were lucky enough, like myself, you got the chance to see Oddisee perform this song live at various showcases at SXSW, definitely a great song production wise, and lyrically.  My favorite part of the track, is the wordplay on the second verse.

Nonetheless, Mello Music Group‘s Self Sacrifice album is out officially next week, March 27th, however, you can buy it on ITunes now.  The album features various artists from the label like, Oddisee, Apollo Brown, Gensu Dean, yU, DTMD, and Has-Lo, as well as artists who aren’t on the label such as: OC, Black Milk, Georgia Ann Muldrow, Kev Brown, Roc Marciano and etc.  Make sure to purchase Mello Music Group’s Self Sacrifice here