No Malice – ‘Unforgettable’ | New Music

Spiritually-reformed Clipse member No Malice drops the second single from his upcoming solo project Hear Ye Him, an energetic, cocky and ruggedly positive cut titled “Unforgettable.”

Even though he’s found God, the older Thornton brother isn’t out to be all preachy with his newly-enlightened music, but he is consciously injecting a few jewels in between the braggadocio. Lines like “babygirl, don’t you give up on your innocence,” “them ki’s can’t play forever and “a checkered past, but look what has become of him” show the MC’s spiritual growth, while others like “the way I moved in the trap is so impeccable” and “it’s identity fraud / the way I hear my signature all in ya bars” prove that the shit-talker within is still alive.

Still, as a guy who always considered Malice the more dope Clipse memeber, I feel like this song and its bars are less-than-stellar. Good, yes; but not the same MC wizardry I heard from the heathen version of Gene Thornton.

Take a listen below and decide for yourself whether No Malice is as dope as Malice was. Hear Ye Him is coming soon.