No Lay Vs OG Niki the battle begins…[Video]

Ok…So when I saw these two going at it on twitter, at first I thought it was a joke. I mean No Lay is a formidable spitter on the scene, respected by a lot of her peers as not just another “Female MC” but as a hard as nails lyricist, then you have OG Niki… who to be honest I personally have no time for and don’t see any merit in anything she does.
But moments ago I saw these clips from the Lord Of The Mics Hype Sessions and it looks like they are actually going forward with a war of words. Watch No Lay and OG Niki’s disses below.

No Lay

OG Niki

Dear God/Allah/Budda/The Force, why is No Lay bothering with this? It’s pointless and the only person that’s going to get promo from this is OG Niki. This is going to get stupid.

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