Nicki Minaj tells NY Times, “It’s hard to be a female rapper…”

The New York Times is the latest stop on the The Minaj Promotional Train as she features in the latest edition of their style publication, T Magazine’s question and answer section, Asked & Answered.

Interview Excerpt:

[NY Times] I saw your documentary, “My Time Now,” and I have to say that parts of it, like when you cry talking about your grandmother’s passing, are heartbreaking. How hard is it to open up like that and talk about things like your dad doing crack?

[Nicki Minaj] It’s very hard and to be honest, he kind of caught me off guard when he asked me about my grandmother. I wasn’t prepared to answer that question. But that’s when you get the raw emotion and if being open about the things that have happened in my life inspires someone then it’s cool with me. I’ve done my part.

[NY Times] I thought it was also very important to show you in the studio, producing, writing on the fly, showing yourself as a creative person.

[Nicki Minaj] Well, it’s hard to be a female rapper but it’s more tough being credited with the work that you put in as a female rapper because people assume that you’re not the brains behind the operation or that you’re not the one doing writing these lyrics. So letting people come into my world and see that I am doing these things is good for all girls.

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Below is some behind the scenes footage from her photo shoot: