Nicki Minaj Talks Industry Double Standards & Features In Rolling Stone

“If I’m assertive I’m a bitch, if a man’s assertive he’s a boss.”

The main things that have truly garnered my respect for Nicki Minaj is how in control of her brand she seems to be and how vocal and unapologetic she has been about going after exactly what wants unabashedly. Hip hop, the music industry, and most other prominent industries are still a lot more chauvinistic than they’d like to admit. In many cases, a man has been in control behind the careers of most female emcees (revisit this year’s My Mic Sounds Nice documentary for evidence of this), so it’s refreshing to see the control Nicki yields in such a male dominated scene. In this clip from her MTV documentary, My Time Now (which is airing tomorrow on MTV) Nicki addresses the double standard between males and females.

Minaj also recently featured in Rolling Stone’s December 9th issue. I personally feel the publication is reaching a little by donning her the “New Queen of Hip Hop”. Check out the spread’s leading image below