Nicki Minaj – “Letter To Lil Wayne” [Unreleased Track] | New Music

The Young Money camp have always shown much gratitude to their boss Lil Wayne for giving them a chance in the game that elevated them to the success they’re at now – but this previously unreleased track from Nicki Minaj shows it wasn’t all plain sailing as she pens a song to him detailing grievances she had before the deal was signed.

Minaj takes to rapping over the beat to Wayne’s previous hit “Something You Forgot,” replicating the style of Eminem‘s “Stan,” penning numerous letters to her soon-to-be boss asking what was happening with her deal. Although she begins by stating she’s a huge fan of the rapper, as the track goes on she throws some shade while venting about the deal not getting done and Wayne taking too long.

“I still don’t understand what went down with the deal / Everything you said, was it just pretend? / Maybe it was all a game like ESPN / I don’t understand why you told them you signed me, if you wasn’t ready to get totally behind me.” She ends the verse by saying, “If you’re reading this letter, I done pulled the trigger.”

Check out the track below to hear in full what she had to say.

Listen: Nicki Minaj – “Letter To Lil Wayne”