Nicki Minaj deletes her Twitter account

Another one bites the dust! Nicki Minaj has deleted her Twitter account, leaving her 11million plus followers confused, wondering when – or if – she’ll be back. This is a move that has divided her followers with some begging for her return, while others are pretty offended that she turned her back on them.

Just before she left Twitter, Minaj expressed some anger toward her fans aka the ‘barbz’ after one of her fansites, Nicki Daily, apparently tweeted leaked songs of hers. She then tweeted about the fact, saying she wanted the tweets to be removed, which led to her followers inundate Nicki Daily with tweets, making the fansite delete their Twitter account altogether.

Apparently, Nicki Daily then went on to turn Minaj’s other fan sites against her. Since Minaj’s departure, some fans have tweeted angry messages saying they feel she’s let them down and it was a slap in the face for all the work the fans do to promote her music, while others are blaming Nicki Daily.

Source: DaJaz1

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