The Streets will be releasing Computers And Blues which will be the fifth and final album from British rap act tomorrow.
Mike “The Streets” Skinner has described Computers and Blues as “all about dancing and CHATTING SHIT,” Skinner proclaims on his official Streets website. “45 minutes of 130 bpm style straight spittin. one more banger. dancing music to drink tea to.

“The final Streets album (the fifth one) will be dark and futuristic. This could not be further from the album you’re about to hear, but it’s what is on my mind at the moment. I feel inspired by the synthesizer exhibition we just visited in Graz [Austria] after the gig we just did… It is a ravey album album that bludgeons you over the head with its stick of 1988 Romford, Blackpool and Philadelphia rock. It is an insane album.”

Take a listen to the full album below courtesy of Hypem