We gave you a snippet of this the other day- well here’s a full version of Kanye’s “White Dress”, the latest, and most anticipated, track from RZA’s Man with the Iron Fists soundtrack.

The song features Kanye at his most romantic, as he raps about the woman he’s desperate to see in a white dress (Kim?). Whilst his flow resembles the Kanye of Graduation, the “White Dress” imagery screams out MBDTF style superstar melancholy. Yet, despite a few hints of cynicism here and there, some of the narcissism from that album seems to have gone.’Ye is striving for a perfect romance in an imperfect world, and you can hear it in the plush, mournful production. After the heartbreak of the 808s era, this instrumental, a joint venture between RZA, Kanye, Tapez and Boogz, signals a return to soul-searching introspection.

The video, which you can watch below, shows clips and images of the typical globe-trotter’s lifestyle mixed with rather more quixotic visions of traditional scenes and landscapes. From stripclubs to snake-tamers, it’s an incredible journey through a cosmopolitan world.

Watch it for yourself below:

The full soundtrack drops October 23rd, buy it here.