Taken from the soundtrack to upcoming comedy drama The Obama Effect, down south Hip Hop stars Goodie Mob offer up softly paced, soulful life ruminations on new song “Is That You God?”

“I wear it well but this is not by my design” Cee Lo muses; “I can’t see, is that you God?” Filled with the group’s ATL rhymes and soul, take a listen below – and read on for more information about The Obama Effect film.

Listen: Goodie Mob – “Is That You God?”

Starring Katt Williams, Meagan Good, Vanessa Bell Calloway and Zab Judah, The Obama Effect is a dramedy about John Thomas [played by Charles S. Dutton], an insurance salesman who suddenly takes an overwhelming interest in the 2008 Obama campaign after a serious health scare changes his view on life.

Full Synopsis:

“The Obama Effect” movie, featuring Charles Dutton as John Thomas an insurance salesman in his 50’s who suffers from serious health issues. Motivated by a misguided obsession with getting Barack Obama elected, John takes an overwhelming involvement in the Presidential campaign. While John becomes obsessed with the ideal of change that Obama represents for Americans, he has in turn neglected to create positive change in his own life, particularly with regard to his health and family relationships.

John hides his health problems from his strong, yet supportive wife, Molly (Vanessa Bell Calloway), creating a strain on their marriage. John seeks the support of a Republican relative, MLK (Katt Williams), who initially starkly resists supporting a Democratic candidate. John’s son, Kalil (Wesley Jonathan), rebels against his father’s avid support of Obama by supporting the Republican candidate as well.

When Molly discovers that John has been hiding his health scares from her, she urges him to take positive action to improve his bad habits. John works to get back on the right path with his health and family as Obama soars to success in the campaign.

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The Obama Effect hits US theatres on July 13.