wakeupcoverThis summer sees the long awaited release of Roll Deep Member J2K‘s solo offering The Wake Up Ep released July 13th. The lead single is the infectious street banger DANGER. The video has been shot by the director of the moment Ben Peters (Ghetto- Sing for me, Wiley ft Kano & Ghetts – She’s Glowing)

‘Danger’ tackles a subject that has been covered by several other artists in the past, but J’s version has one unique element to it, as he is keen to highlight.

‘The song is about a girl who you know is no good for you but you still keep her around for whatever reason,’ he laughs. ‘But the story is told MY way – which is the best way.’

Your thoughts?

P.S…I know you are all thinking..
“I’ve heard that hook b4…”
You have..

That song cracks me up everytime.!