MySpace. Yes I’m still a loyal adherent albeit far less frequently than when I first signed up. Despite the onslaught of Facebook and other social network sites, it still retains a special place in my heart mostly because of the amazing artists I have discovered on there. That’s not to say every musical friends request is worth even one listen let alone several but once in a while, as you know, you’ll hear something that will happily have you clicking on the ‘repeat play’ icon. Those were my sentiments on first listening to young south Londoner Josef Green’s ‘Fade To Black’. Produced by Leon Jean-Marie (erstwhile collaborator of Mark Ronson and Alphabeat amongst others) FTB is reminiscent of ‘Maneater’ by Furtado/Timbaland in attitude in that it refuses to fall completely within the safe and boring ambits of most radio-friendly R&B tunes of late. From the 80’s-infused synths to the vaguely sinister feel of the chord progression, ‘FTB’ is just under three minutes of aural persuasion to indulge in slightly madcap but not unpleasant twitchy dancing. Green’s vocals aren’t that of your standard post 90’s pop-R&B balladeer and a good thing too. His curious vibrato put me in mind of a male version of Kameelah Williams formerly of 702. Jean-Marie’s production makes the most of Josef’s unusual vocal delivery and Mr Green, perhaps aware of the instant appeal of the chorus keeps the accompanying ad-libs understated but oh so effective. There’s something strangely irresistible about the whole affair and it’s been well and truly rinsed by yours truly. An acoustic version for the B-side would be bliss.

Anyway I’ll shut up and let the music do the talking…

[audio: Green-Fade To Black (Feat. Leon Jean-Marie).mp3]

Fade to Black is available for free download. More info:

Review by Tolita.