New Michael Jackson Song! "This Is It"

Dear Cultural Soulers,

I just got hip to this NEW MJ track. The King Of Pop lives on, what with the release of this track, the movie of the same name and Lord knows what other gems from him in the run up to christmas and beyond into 2010. I know I’m mentioning christmas and we haven’t even got past Halloween yet, but hey, don’t kill me for it.

It’s got all the melodic and harmonic trademarks of MJ, and it’s kind of haunting, however, beautiful.

Nonetheless, enjoy the audio delight and as Eric Roberson said at his concert in Manchester yesterday (review to come shortly) “I believe that MJ put his life into to his music, so the way to keep him alive is by playing/singing/performing his music.” Ain’t that the truth!

Peace and Light to you all.