Wax Poetics magazine Issue 38 on the shelves

The latest issue of Wax Poetics [my favourite music magazine] is out now – with features on Curtis Mayfield and Spike Lee.

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The issue includes:

  • Re:Discovery – Melvin Van Peebles, Manfred Krug, Marvin Gaye, Judgment Night OST, John Carpenter
  • Roc Raida – The Grand Master
  • Shadows And Phonographs – This sinister role of the turntable in Hollywood classics
  • Brotherman – Blaxploitation soundtrack for a film that wasn’t meant to be
  • Adrian Younge – Black Dynamite composer refuses to cut corners with his authentic old soul
  • Gangs On Film – The South Bronx of 1979 documented in 80 Blocks from Tiffany’s
  • Night Life – Photographer Michael Abramson captured the magic of 1970s South Side Chicago
  • The Rhythm of Film – DJ/producer David Holmes approaches soundtrack composition with a less-is-more philosophy
  • Mood Music – European libraries created soulful instrumentals for ’70s film and television
  • The Next Hustle – Ex-pimp Robert Beck transformed into writer Iceberg Slim, introducing a new genre for literature, film and music
  • Comic Truth – Animation and indie film pioneer Ralph Bakshi drew attention to race and culture
  • Gangster Boogie – Curtis Mayfield injected his own cultural commentary into the Super Fly legacy
  • The Provocateur – Director Spike Lee continues to tell personal stories by any means necessary
  • Playing It Straight – Black Dynamite director Scott Sanders crafts high-caliber blaxploitation homage
  • Analog Out – Cybernetics, Louis and Bebe Barron, and the sonic life-forms of Forbidden Planet

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