New Busta Rhymes Mixtape (I Bullshit You Not)

Woo ha! Busta Rhymes *just* dropped his brand new free mixtape, I Bullshit You Not.

Click the cover to download.


I Bullshit You Not (free mixtape)

1. Fate Of The World
2. Director’s Cut (feat. Uncle Murda)
3. Let’s Do It (feat. Spliff Star)
4. Foreign Currency (feat. Maino)
5. Piano Man (feat. Spliff Star & Reek)
6. Death Wish (feat. Raekwon)
7. Try Your Hand (feat. Show Money)
8. The Game Room (feat. Lil Fame)
9. Victim
10. Give A Damn (feat. Show Money & Reek)
11. Bounce Back
12. Feel My Pain


His new album, Back On My Bullshit, out May 19th.