Nelly Furtado – “Big Hoops (Bigger the Better)” | Behind The Scenes Video

After going on hiatus from the music scene for a few years, Nelly Furtado is back with a new album, The Spirit Indestructable, and the first single “Big Hoops (Bigger the Better.)” Furtado treats us to behind the scenes footage of the video giving us a glimpse into the thought process behind it.

Taking the song name literally, Furtado enlists world champion Native American hoop dancers for the video’s choreography saying, “The song’s called ‘Big Hoops’ so it’s very appropriate.” The dancers show off some of their impressive moves, with one of them also going on to talk about the meaning behind the hula hoop.

“The hoop represents the circle of life and we’re celebrating all of life through the circle.”

Furtado also takes us through her wardrobe choices where we see an array of wacky sunglasses and barely-there swimsuits, which Furtado is quick to point out is the kind of thing you see in every video nowadays.

“You always see videos with girls in bathing suits. The stylist just brings [bathing suits]. And that’s how it all goes down if your wondering why everyone’s wearing freaking underwear in their video.”

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