Ne-Yo ft. Trey Songz & T-Pain – “The Way You Move” | New Music

Ne-Yo and a lady who is definitely not a stripper

Brand new music from Ne-Yo alongside Trey Songz and T-Pain – this is simultaneously nice and slightly uncomfortable. At heart, it’s an ode to strippers whom the boys are smitten with (ala T-Pain’s genre classic “In Love With A Stripper”). That part’s cool, I can relate.

At points though, it descends into weird social commentary with all three at some point suggesting that their respective ladies need to “quit the game” and get up out the strip club. The phrases  “change your life and ease your pain” and “baby girl take it off for Trey” occur within the same four bars. It’s as though this track is the musical expression of the conflicting thoughts that go through a man’s head when he’s in a strip club. Erm, I’m guessing anyway. I wouldn’t know, like. Obviously.

Anyway this is quite good, if a little depressing. It’s supposedly taken from DJ Boy Wonda’s forthcoming mixtape Tough Love. Maybe it’s a recurring theme throughout – rumour has it that track four on this joint features Justin Bieber and contains the lyrics “baby we’re having great pre-marital sex but I know you know it’s a sin” and “you’re lighting my fire, we’ll be burning in hell”. Weird.

Ne-Yo feat. Trey Songz & T-Pain – The Way You Move

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