Nate James – “Where My River Will Flow” | New Music


After premiering “1 Kind“, the first track from his upcoming album back in October, Nate James returns to give fans another taster of things to come in the form of “Where My River Will Flow”.

As soulfully smooth as his previous track, this particular song has a bit more of a blues tinge to it with some deep and relatable lyrics – “I’ve learnt my lessons, crystal clear in their purity/ My reason’s justified/ Don’t put up a fight, let me be.” Any person that’s ever had enough of a relationship, and realised that the time has come to step before resentment really kicks in, will undoubtedly understand where Nate’s coming from with this one.

If this track is anything to go by, as well as his last, the UK soul singer could be on to a winner when he puts out album In My Skin sometime in the near future. Let’s just hope he’s got a good promotional team behind him on this go round because this is definitely worth the push.

Peep the new track below: