Nas speaks on ‘Life Is Good’ [Video] | Music News

Nas fans have been eagerly anticipating his 10th solo album, Life Is Good, and the Queens MC sat down with MTV recently to tell us a bit about the upcoming project.

Nas says that he’s out to give listeners something they aren’t used to with his new album, combining people and ideas that probably would never be paired otherwise.

“I’ll take an idea from one of the guys that I’m workin’ with and put it together with a different sound I had from someone else,” he explains, “and just try to get people to collaborate that’s really not used to workin’ together and get somethin’ different from me.”

The importance of this album isn’t lost on Nas, either.

“It’s been five years since I released a solo album, so this record is everything. Everything I gotta say. … You gotta live a little and put that in your music. It’s comin’ from my life.”

Life Is Good‘s two singles, “Nasty” and “The Don,” have been well-received by the public, adding to the album’s already high expectations.

So far, Life Is Good has not been given a release date.


[Props: Complex via MTV]

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