Nas says ‘Untitled’ was intended to be a joint album with Jay Electronica [Audio]

Not long after news of a “lost” track between Nas and Frank Ocean circulated, and another potentially incredible collaboration of God’s Son’s has come to light. In a recent interview with BBC Radio 1’s Benji B, the Queensbridge emcee revealed that his 2008 LP, Untitled, was originally intended to be a full-length effort with Jay Electronica, who produced the opening track, “Queens Get the Money.”

“I wanted to get him to do the entire ‘Untitled’ album, the N-word album. He had ideas. He was pulling records from J Dilla, he was pulling records, and he was there with me while I was working on it, and he did the first record on there and it would have been so ahead of its time, because no one at that time, he wasn’t signed, he wasn’t out there like that,” he said.

“It would have been great right now to go back and say this dude produced my whole album years ago. It would have been cool. He’s ahead of his time like that. Now, yeah, but everyone knows who he is now and some of the mystique would be gone if he did that but who knows how it would come out? It would probably be crazy still.”

You can listen to the full interview below, in which Jones also said that he always wanted to rap over a J Dilla beat, spoke on his friendship with the late Amy Winehouse and broke down his new album, Life Is Good, track-by-track.

Listen: Nas interview with Benji B