Nas f/ Miguel x Swizz Beatz – ‘Summer On Smash’ | New Music

Not to be the one to rain on the parade, but perhaps all these leaks from Life Is Good might not be the best thing to keep Nas’ forthcoming tenth studio album in its best stead. But seeing as though the ‘net has got its hands on over half of the LP’s content, one more listen won’t hurt, right? Without further ado, here goes track number nine, “Summer On Smash”, featuring Miguel and Swizz Beatz – an uptempo number that will look to achieve just that.

Should Def Jam not intend on surprising us like they did with Frank Ocean‘s channel ORANGE, Life Is Good is scheduled to arrive next Tuesday (July 17th).

Listen: Nas f/ Miguel x Swizz Beatz – ‘Summer On Smash’

[via DDotOmen]