Nas – “Another Black Girl Lost” | New Music

Curb your excitement – no, this isn’t the follow up to “The Don“, nor will it grace the impending Life Is Good album, Nas simply wanted to pen chapter two of his 1996 It Was Written cut, “Black Girl Lost“, sixteen years on.

God’s Son disussed “Another Black Girl Lost” during his time with Angie Martinez on Hot 97 a short while ago, but today Dajaz1 provides the tagless version.

What’s most striking about this track is the complete sonic shift from the original Mafioso-inspired boom bap hip-hop to a heavily pop-leaning sound, partly due to the unlisted songstress on the hook. We know Queensbridge’s other notable products have been having a laugh recently (see: Mobb Deep‘s faux-beef), but it’s even more out of character for Nas to attempt a troll.

I digress. Stream and download the freebie below and let us know what you think of the latest unreleased output from Mr. Jones in the c-section.

Listen To: Nas – “Another Black Girl Lost”

[via Dajaz1]