Nas announces completion of his tenth solo album | Music News

Its been a longtime coming but 2012 may finally be the year Hip Hop heads are blessed with a new album from Nas as a few hours ago the legend himself took to his Twitter account to reveal the official completion of his [at say the very least] highly anticipated tenth solo album Life Is Good (Working title).

This news will come as music to the ears of many Hip Hop fans who over the last year have witnessed the God’s Son return to form via his dope single “Nasty” and a slew of guest appearances, delivering undeniably sick verses on tracks such as Rick Ross’ “Triple Beam Dreams,” Common’s “Ghetto Dreams,”  Lil Wayne‘s “Outro” and Mobb Deep’s “Dog Shit.”

Yesssir!! Ladies and gentlemen… Nasir Jones SOUNDS HUNGRY AGAIN!! Dear Def Jam… The ball is now in your court.