Remembering Nas & Kelis – The Good Times

According to TMZ, Nas and Kelis‘ messy divorce has been finalised. With the rumoured custody battle and on-going child support case, I’m sure their time in court isn’t quite done yet. However, I’m a little sad at the demise of my favourite hip hop couple!

Obviously there’s the other hip hop power couple – but there was something just a little cooler about Nas and Kelis. They seemed to exude a passion and a ruggedness that I don’t see in Jay-Z and Beyonce. They walked around in matching N*gger jackets, sang LOTS of dirty songs about each other and together their combined lassitude about what others thought about them made Mr & Mrs Jones’ vibe of “Idontgiveafuh” rather remarkable!

Plus, Kelis’ music was a LOT better while she was Mrs Jones.

Anyway, jump under the cut to watch and listen to some of Kelis & Nas’ most uh…”romantic” love songs.

Kelis ft Nas – “Blindfold Me”

Kelis ft Nas – “In Public”

[audio:|titles=Kelis ft Nas – In Public]

Kelis – “Milkshake”

Mr & Mrs Jones, I’ll miss you!