N-Dubz on UK acts in the US “Most of the acts you’ve had from the UK have not been successful in the UK”

Ohh Dear!

In preparation for launching their campaign to break America through their Mercury / Island Def Jam deal, (two-thirds of) award-winning “Urban Pop group” N-Dubz sat down with streetwear and Hip Hop culture site Karmaloop TV for an interview to discuss their plans for their assault on the American charts.

After mentioning that it now seems like a great time for British [“Urban”] acts to break America and seemly wanting to impress the folks at the respected site, right off the bat vocalist Tulisa got into it stating “…most of the act you’ve had from the UK have not been successful in the UK”. Discussing how a record label would manufacture such an artist to break the American charts, the North-West Londoner went on to say “…its been more about what a record label wants, this girl or this guy seems funky”. Interjecting, emcee/producer Fazer described said artists as not being “critical” she then went on to say “…these are usually acts that haven’t sold any records in the UK and the UK themselves don’t like…”. Not stopping there, Tulisa went on to state “It’s never ever been before has an act been signed that the UK has loved and say [collectively saying] “yeah we’ll put this forward as one of our acts…”.

Discussing what their group’s early plans will be over the next couple of months, Tulisa, who took the lead for a large majority of the interview, said that the trio will be spending more time in the States recording new music for their US debut album as well as preparing their single’s video for their US launch.

I guess, without trying to getting into it too much, Tulisa wasn’t aware that, last year’s multi-UK Platinum selling and multi-award winning artist, Tinie Tempah, who’s headling UK arena tour (with support from J.Cole) has sold out, has been put “forward as one of our acts”. Nor is she aware that Grammy Award winning Adele, who’s debut album 19 has gone on to sell over one million copies in the UK, broke a few British music industry records with her sophomore album 21, debuting at number one selling 208,000 copies in its first week making it the biggest-selling January release in five years, before she was put “forward as one of our acts” once again this year.

To be honest, I’m sure she’s not aware that as a result of The Defamation of Strickland Banks going on to sell over one million copies in the UK, last year, Plan B has too been put “forward as one of our acts” to release said album. I don’t think she was talking about Jay Sean who’s debut album, Me Against Myself, is certified UK Gold and sophomore album, My Own Way, entered the UK charts at number six before Cash Money scooped him up to put him “forward as one of our acts”.

I’m pretty sure she wasn’t talking about Taio Cruz, whose debut album also went UK Gold and three out of the first four singles off his second album went straight to number one before he was put “forward”. I doubt that she could be referring to Estelle whose album, Shine, received it’s UK Gold certification back in August of 2008, a mere five months after it was released, and single “American Boy” hit the top spot in the UK before she was put “forward”… Ohh and don’t get me started with Sade!

When will these kids learn… ehh!?

[via KarmaloopTV]

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