Mz Bratt talks being lyrically underestimated, marketability & finding herself [Video]

“I’m definitely underestimated [as a lyricist] – I don’t think people listen to what I’m actually saying,” UK rapper Mz Bratt says in a recent interview with Urbanworld. “It’s kinda sad but I guess I just have to keep pushing…” she adds, also commenting on marketability but disputing the idea that her looks have gotten her to where she is now; “Five years ago I don’t think I looked good, I looked like a little hoodrat to be fair…”

Featuring a solid spread of UK collaborations with the likes of Ed Sheeran, Roses Gabor, Wiley and Dot Rotten, Mz Bratt’s recent Elements mixtape was named so for her eclectic interests and musical tastes; “I’m very much experimenting at the moment. I feel like, as a human being, right now I haven’t fully found myself – but I don’t think that’s a setback at all.”

Bratt also discusses being comfortable in her current deal with Atlantic Records – comparing it with her previous Universal Records deal – and highlights the importance of DJs in helping artists; check out the interview below.