Mz Bratt covers Cher Lloyd’s “Superhero” [Video]

A member of the SoulCulture familia told me a few months back that Mz Bratt could slyly sing a note or two but despite that insider information, this cover still came as a big surprise. The Atlantic-signed rapper on the verge of stardom tried a ting for her first YouTube cover, taking on Cher Lloyd‘s forthcoming single “Superhero” and singing it. Full-on actual singing, no Auto-Tune involved.

Cards on the table, I’m a big fan of the the original – I particularly like the vibe of the acoustic rendition that was floating around a few weeks back, but I’ve even got time for the more frantic studio version (minus the rapping, unsurprisingly). It’s a very well written pop song and the metaphor is deftly executed.