Mystro – “Dreamin'” | Free Download

A death in one’s family or even the passing of a close friend can cause a person to go on to do one of many different things. Bottom line: Everyone in this world grieves in their own way. In tribute to the discovery that some old friends of his had passed away, British Hip Hop artist Mystro decided to get a few things off his chest and spit a few rhymes over the instrumental for Lupe Fiasco‘s “I’m Beamin,” from his latest LP Lasers [read our review].

Mystro – “Dreamin”:

Something i did over the Lupe ‘Beamin’ instrumental. i was feeling kinda down after finding out a few old friends had passed away & it made me think about how encouraging they were 2 the people around them. Always helping others 2 live out their dreams…. i started 2 wonder what would it be like if any dream could come true & this poured out the pen & splashed on 2 the pad……..i hope u mutha luvaz enjoy. –Mystro

[via The House Of Coxhead]