Mynority Classics x Sayori Wada create Hip-Hop playing cards | Collectibles

From clothing art and, of course, within music, the influence of Hip-Hop culture is felt in everyday life the world over.

Female-run clothing label Mynority Classics is one example Hip-Hop’s influence on fashion, and they enlisted Japanese illustrator Sayori Wada to create the first official Hip-Hop playing cards.

Key players in Hip-Hop like Slick Rick, Tupac, The Notorious B.I.G., Jay-Z, Big L, Public Enemy, Big Pun, J Dilla, The Wu-Tang Clan and a host of others are all hand-drawn and split into the traditional suits and numbers, with the reverse of the cards designed to resemble an audio cassette.

It is truly a wonderful collection. Take a look at the illustrations below, and pick yours up from the Mynority Classics online shop.