Young Jeezy – “Get Right” | Music Video

Jeezy responds to Black Mafia Family associate Bleu Davinci‘s diss “Got Right” with the visuals for his latest street single “Get Right”, reminding his opponent that he still gets plenty of love in Georgia.

After weeks of being needled (needed?) by Bleu, Gucci Mane and other Southern rivals, The Snowman uses this new clip to show that he doesn’t need to drop diss records to stay relevant. Instead he gets behind the wheel of his Rolls and goes back to the hood,  joining the residents of Mason, Georgia for a turnt up, heavily attended homecoming. His rivals might bark louder, but his music gets the Styrofoam cups out and barbecues going.

Look out for a new Jeezy tape before the year is out, and watch “Get Right” for yourself below: