Wiz Khalifa f/ The Weeknd – “Remember You” | Music Video

Depicting a woman journeying through a romanticized, hollywood version of the underworld, Wiz Khalifa debuts a creepy video for “Remember You,” featuring The Weeknd.

The video becomes more bizarre as it goes on, with the woman seen walking through a nightclub filled with grotesque, distorted figures as the music builds to a climactic finish. The first half of the song belongs to The Weeknd, his haunting voice weaving a tale of lust, desire, and sexual aggression before Wiz contributes to the second half of the song with a boastful voice alluding to his vices and his motivations, whilst the dramatic, edgy visuals provide an excellent story giving shape to the dark vibes of the song.

Set to feature on Khalifa’s upcoming album O.N.I.F.C., which sees release on December 4 through Atlantic, watch the video for “Remember You” below.