Wiley – “Hoverboard” | Music Video

After venting his anger towards his 2008 “sell-out” LP See Clear Now, Wiley hasn’t found reason to disown any of his music since then; it’s actually quite the opposite. In the previous four years, the Grime Godfather has embraced a rich and deep catalogue packed with material that speaks more to the essence he created than to the charts he has flirted with. His latest output “Hoverboard” is no different.

Having released the track as a free download in February, Eski Boy takes his punishing, quotable lines to the YouTube screen and reminds us that, once more, that he’s down for true Grime in the long run. Directed by Ben Peters, the “Hoverboard” video encompasses everything that Wiley’s unadulterated take on the genre is; it lacks overt expense and there’s little by way of visual or directing flair.

Implicitly, you could even argue the emcee’s presence in the abandoned landscape is a subtle nod to the genre’s current environment, but that’s best left for another post.

Enjoy the new video below and download the audio HERE.


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