Wayna – “I Don’t Wanna Wait” | Music Video

Wayna_Idil Jeilani

“I Don’t Wanna Wait” is the new video from Grammy-nominated R&B singer Wayna.

Filmed in Toronto and directed by Chris Muir, the visuals follow two groups of female baseball players: the rivals and the underdogs, whom are called “The Expats.” With the latter giving one of the best challenges to the former towards the end of the video. “I Don’t Wanna Wait” was produced by German beat maker, Fahrot, and is a combination of reggae, soul and a twist of hip-hop influences.

Born Wayna Wondwossen, the songwriter hails from Ethiopia. Having debuted two previous efforts, Higher Ground in 2008 and Moments of Clarity, Book 1 in 2004, the singer’s third project, The Expats EP is set for release in October.

Watch the full video below…