Vince Kidd f/ Vanessa White – “The Zoo” | Music Video


Kanye West and Jay-Z have already welcomed us to the jungle, and now British singer/songwriter Vince Kidd is welcoming us to “The Zoo” with his new single featuring Vanessa White.

Now signed to Island Records, the former contestant on The Voice UK is forging through with his own style of electro sounds and unique voice. The video for “The Zoo,” set in a dark, underground rave, sees Vince Kidd partying in flamboyant outfits including a fur jacket and black pvc facemask, amongst many similarly uniquely dressed partygoers expressing their individuality.

Representing 1/5th of UK girlband The Saturdays, Vanessa White shows off another side of herself, transforming her look with bright blue lipstick and an edgy new haircut as she gets up close and personal with Vince. Check out the video below.

Vince Kidd’s new EP The Zoo will be out June 2nd.